In our efforts to limit the spread of the new coronavirus and to protect the safety of our patients, employees, and community we have opted to follow the recommendations of the American Dental Association (ADA), Wyoming Dental Association, and government leaders. 

The ADA made the following recommendation on March 16, 2020:
           β€œIn order for dentistry to do its part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the ADA recommends dentists         

           nationwide postpone elective procedures for the next three weeks.”

As a result, our office will only be open on an as needed basis for patients experiencing severe, dental-related pain or swelling. 

We have been informed that those recommendations may change, be extended, or become more stringent. In an attempt to keep all of you up-to-date we will regularly update our website, Facebook page, and voicemail message. 

We are deeply concerned about the health of our community and feel it is critical to do our part to protect the safety of everyone by following the recommendations of our professional organizations and government leaders. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work together to preserve the health and safety of as many people as possible!

Please do not hesitate to call our office with any questions. If you cannot get a hold of us through our regular office number you can also contact us by calling our emergency number, which can be found on our voicemail message. The emergency line will be checked regularly throughout the day. 

We appreciate all of you so much and hope you all know how concerned we are about your well-being. Again, thank you!

Your Dental Team 

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Coronavirus - March 16, 2020

Cody Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Coronavirus Update - March 31, 2020

The state of Wyoming has recently extended its public health orders through April 17, 2020. In addition, the Center for Disease Control has also recommended we continue treating emergency patients only until further notice.

As a result, our office will continue to only be open on an as needed basis for patients experiencing severe, dental related pain or swelling.

For further details, please see our original notice below.

Thank you!